Initial Cleaning Service


Initial cleaning will clean your home to a certain high standard where we eliminate the accumulation of dust in all rooms, furniture, plus thorough vacuuming of floors and edges.

In the bathroom, our professional cleaners scrub the tiles and the bathtub, as well as disinfect your toilet and sink. When you cook or prepare food, you do not want to smell harsh chemical fumes. That is why we clean only with non-toxic cleaning products in the kitchen and the countertops. Additionally, we move all of your appliances to remove all debris behind them as much we can reach. In common areas, we remove dust and polish surfaces,and upholstered couches. We know you spend more time there. The quality of your indoor environment is important to us, which is why we clean only with eco-friendly products.

We also have special floor care. We vacuum each corner with a crevice accessory tool that suctions all the corners and edges of the floor. After that, we vacuum whole floor. Next, we use our ergonomic mop that has pads. We use dust mop to pick up dust particles and remove soil to keep your floors clean. Finally, we use damp mop adding the eco -friendly floor cleaner solution that makes your floors shine.

After this service, otherwise known as “deep cleaning”, your home will prepared to receive the Recurring Cleaning Service.

Recurring Cleaning Service


After you use our Initial Cleaning Service, you would like to enjoy our Recurring Cleaning. Green Duster is happy to make green cleaning part of your routine. We can come to your home once week, twice a week, bi-weekly, every three weeks, or once a month.

With this service, you will have your apartment clean on a regular basis with non toxic cleaning products that will improve your indoor quality, which, in turn, leads to greater health and safety for your loved ones. We promise you to deliver the same level of cleaning as we did in the Initial Cleaning based on how frequently you book the Recurring Service.

Move In -Out Cleaning Services


Just found a new place?

The Green Duster team knows how to leave your new home sparkling clean with green products that it will have a positive impact in your apartment because it will improve indoor air quality.

Also, we can provide a Move Out Cleaning to your old apartment so that we can do the best cleaning and leave the apartment the way the building gave it to you.

Post Construction Cleaning Service


If you have renovated, redecorated or built to your home, then Green Duster can get rid of that extra dust and debris.
Our cleaners will bring an eco-friendly vacuum and cleaning supplies plus a step stool to reach high areas such as interior cabinets, range hood, etc.

The estimator will do walkthrough with you in order to meet your needs.
This type of service requires a thorough cleaning in each space of the residence and Green Duster specializes in this service.

Real Estate Presentation Cleaning Service


Do you want to rent or sell your property quickly?

There are marketing benefits of having a green home and it could be a main advantage to attract buyers who would prefer a green residence.

Our staff is highly trained to take care of each corner in the apartment in order not make scratches or damage when they are cleaning.

We guarantee the apartment will have a great cleaning for its final purpose.


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