Interior Refrigerator Cleaning


We love to eat cold food and drinks and we are constantly in and out during this season, which means we sometimes forget to do some tasks in the kitchen.
Here there are some tips to keep in mind:
* Throw out the food that is expired in order not to spread bacteria.
* Wipe down leaking of drinks or juices.
* Check if there is debris food on the shelves.
* Have a special ingredient that every refrigerator needs: ” Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter” .
It absorbs and deodorizes food odor.

Are you ready for spring cleaning?

Just as we change from heavy winter clothes and shoes to light spring clothing and sandals, our home also needs a change in the form of Spring cleaning, such as dusting the vent in the bathroom and dusting the interior surfaces of shelves. 

4 Easy Tips to do Spring Cleaning in your Apartment

* In the Kitchen, clean the Interior of the Fridge and Oven as there is debris and food hidden in these areas.

* Clean Upholstered Furniture (Couch/Sofa, Cushions, and Pillows). During the winter, we eat and watch movies in the Living Room, which means all the debris and food go under the cushion seats. These areas need to be cleaned. 

* In the Bathroom, change the shower curtains and wash the bathroom rug.

* It’s important to clean off the dust around the corners and borders of the Closet, especially when taking out winter clothes and shoes from the closet. 


How to clean the home when you have pets


Those who live with pets like cats and dogs know that the effort in cleaning the home is double. Since they are constantly shedding fur, leave food left-overs and water on the floor, bring dirt from the street and above all, when they are younger, they have little “accidents” with their physiologic needs. Besides, the cleaning in homes where pets inhabit must be most frequently than the rest of those who don’t have pets, due to the tendency to accumulate bad odors, coming from these furry friends.

Keeping their area cleaned: There where your pet sleeps and where it surely has marked territory with urine, it is recommended to prepare a mixture of vinegar with water and then you shake the mixture for it to make it work. Then after the mixture is ready, spray on paper towel or cloth to clean the area.

Washing frequently carpets, comforters and curtains, just like all knitting at home that could be in frequent contact with the pet. Of course, you need to wash also your pet’s sheets and beds, weekly at least.


Pet hair: You need to brush your pet regularly in spring and autumn, when cats and dogs shed their hair, and then vacuum to reduce the quantity of hair that is all over the floor during those times.  Even then and depending on thequantity and longitude of hair your pet sheds during those months you will have to vacuum twice a week. Besides it is also recommended to clean couches and their seats with the vacuum’s upholstery tool to reduce pet’s hair that is in those places.

Floors:  It is an important area to clean because where the odors and footprints accumulate. It is recommended vacuuming and mopping once a week. Paying close attention if you have children because they like to play on the floor.

If you want to keep your home perfectly clean, there will be certain factors and zones of the home that require the most effort. For example, when you are cleaning, clean the zones where your pet usually spend the most time, or its bed and toys, which is where is the dirtiest.

If you follow these tips, we will be sure that your home will stay clean always, even so like those who don’t own pets!



Importance Of Home Cleaning


Cleaning is synonymous with hygiene and its antonym is dirt. If we are to have a healthy life, we must keep and clean our home with healthy products to have the best internal atmosphere.

Human beings and pets spend more time at homes, besides having our belongings.
It is important to maintain cleanliness and order. Although cleaning it is an activity we don’t like, this will bring many benefits. So, I invite you to read this content:

1. The bedroom is important to be cleaned because you spend 7 or 8 hours resting when breathing is  playing an essential part during that time. It is recommended to dust surfaces with frequency.

2. The kitchen is important too, because we prepare our food to eat. Keeping disinfected surfaces is important as well as washing dishes used after every meal.

3. The bathroom. The bathtub or shower floor should be cleaned with frequency to avoid being infected with fungus on feet and toe nails.

4. The floors. It is important to take the shoes off before entering the home to avoid bringing dirt from the street and keep a carpet at the home entry. It will be more comfortable to be in rooms when we keep them cleaned and in order. Rooms that are free of dirty and objects piling up will generate a sensation of comfort. Homeowners/tenants will feel comfortable and will enjoy their stay worry-free.

Keeping the order avoids losing objects and wasting time by not finding them. When you keep an object in a designated place you will know where to find it.
Finally we can only remind you that keeping a clean place will guaranty you being healthier, and in a better mood. You will enjoy being more at home equally.



Home cleaning training videos for starting a cleaning business

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