Are you ready for spring cleaning?

Just as we change from heavy winter clothes and shoes to light spring clothing and sandals, our home also needs a change in the form of Spring cleaning, such as dusting the vent in the bathroom and dusting the interior surfaces of shelves. 

4 Easy Tips to do Spring Cleaning in your Apartment

* In the Kitchen, clean the Interior of the Fridge and Oven as there is debris and food hidden in these areas.

* Clean Upholstered Furniture (Couch/Sofa, Cushions, and Pillows). During the winter, we eat and watch movies in the Living Room, which means all the debris and food go under the cushion seats. These areas need to be cleaned. 

* In the Bathroom, change the shower curtains and wash the bathroom rug.

* It’s important to clean off the dust around the corners and borders of the Closet, especially when taking out winter clothes and shoes from the closet. 


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